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ctinflushingIt’s a new year with new challenges and new possibilities, and one of the opportunities that A&M is excited about is the Muffin Project. Generous gifts made by folks who know the power of a single book have allowed author M.C. Tillson to donate books to the third graders she meets at her school author visits this school year.

“You can never tell what the full impact will be,” said Tillson, “but I know there’s magic in having a book that belongs just to you. I just want to spread as much of the magic as I can.”

Ms. Tillson’s first visit was to Flint, Michigan where she gave out 168 books. Another 145 third graders will receive books at a Northern California school visit in late January. Ms. Tillson is also planning trips to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and to North Carolina in the spring.

Wishing you all the best in 2017!

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“Gratitude is the antidote to sadness. Not the sort of gratitude where you compare yourself favorably to others who have it worse but the kind of gratitude where you fully recognize the miracle of you being alive and sentient and capable of experiencing the wonders of life in this moment.”

Michael Schreiner