With M.C. Tillson’s May visit to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, she finished the distribution of the more than 960 books generously donated by people who care about reading.

“You should see the looks on their faces when the students realize that they have their own book to take home,” said Tillson of her experience delivering books to more than 25 classrooms during the 2016-2017 school year.


From M.C. Tillson’s presentation, “Secrets, Mysteries, and Clues.”

“I do a brief presentation and then read the first two chapters out loud to the classes. I’m hoping that the connection they make with me and the interest they have in hearing the rest of the story will be just the beginning,” said Tillson. “I encourage them to read the rest of the book and the other books in the series. I leave a set of my books for each teacher’s classroom and for the media center or library to give them easy access to the books.”

In the fall of 2016, Tillson received donations to underwrite the giving of her middle-grade mystery, The Clue at Copper Harbor, to third graders. Tillson visited classrooms in Michigan, North Carolina, and California, talking to students about writing and encouraging them to read for fun.

You can read some of the “thank-you’s” that M.C. Tillson received after her visits at

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