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Don't miss Sam and Becky's first lighthouse adventures on Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula. Get all of the Michigan Lighthouse Adventures from A&M Writing and Publishing.
Sam and Becky visit a lot of lighthouses during their summer vacations (they're helping Mom and Dad write a book about lighthouses), so Sam knows how to count lighthouse flashes. Why is this one different?
For two whole weeks, Sam, Becky, Mom and Dad are staying on North Carolina’s amazing Oak Island and sharing a house—right on the beach—with Dad’s best friend and his family. But what starts out as a typical vacation quickly becomes a series of puzzling events when Sam and Becky and their new friends realize that they all share the same secret about the Oak Island Lighthouse.
Join the kids as they solve puzzles and try to figure out where the clues  lead, but beware! Pirates used to roam the treacherous waters around Cape Fear—some say they still do. It’s all part of the mystery at Oak Island and the magic of summer in North Carolina.
Becky is the math whiz, but Sam is pretty sure he can count to four—or can he?
W R I T I N G   A N D   P U B L I S H I N G


A Puzzlement!
The Mystery at Oak Island