A&M Catalog – Fall 2015

Children’s Books

The Clue at Copper Harbor

The Mystery at Eagle Harbor

The Secret of Bete Grise Bay

The Mystery at Oak Island

The Clue at Price’s Creek

The Secret on Bald Head Island


Puzzle Books

It’s a Puzzle!

The Clue at Copper Harbor Puzzle Book

It’s Another Puzzle!

The Mystery at Eagle Harbor Puzzle Book

Another Puzzle


The Muffin Project: How Are We Doing?

Olimometer 2.52
Olimometer 2.52
Olimometer 2.52
“As AI grows in sophistication and application, we need, more than ever, a corresponding flourishing of religion, philosophy and the humanities.”

Ryan Holmes, Founder and CEO of Hootsuite, in his article, Artificial intelligence doesn’t have to be evil. We just have to teach it to be good.