A&M Catalog – Fall 2015

Children’s Books

The Clue at Copper Harbor

The Mystery at Eagle Harbor

The Secret of Bete Grise Bay

The Mystery at Oak Island

The Clue at Price’s Creek

The Secret on Bald Head Island


Puzzle Books

It’s a Puzzle!

The Clue at Copper Harbor Puzzle Book

It’s Another Puzzle!

The Mystery at Eagle Harbor Puzzle Book

Another Puzzle


The Muffin Project: How Are We Doing?

Olimometer 2.52
Olimometer 2.52
Olimometer 2.52
“Gratitude is the antidote to sadness. Not the sort of gratitude where you compare yourself favorably to others who have it worse but the kind of gratitude where you fully recognize the miracle of you being alive and sentient and capable of experiencing the wonders of life in this moment.”

Michael Schreiner