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Need a Unicorn? How About a Good Writer?

Everyone does. At least that’s the word from user experience (UX) design guru, John Madea, who operates in the space where design, technology, and business meet. In his March “2017 Design in Tech Report,” Medea posited that writing is the

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The Right Words Make a Difference

If you say “can’t,” but you mean “won’t,” it’s not the same thing. If you say “everybody,” but you mean “some people I know,” that’s different too. The words matter. When words are what you work with, you learn to

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Welcome to the Secret on Bald Head Island!

We’re excited to announce the availability of M.C. Tillson’s The Secret on Bald Head Island—the third and final book in the North Carolina Lighthouse Adventures series. A trilogy that started with the Oak Island Lighthouse in Tillson’s The Mystery of

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Books and Booksellers: Independents in the Heartland

A&M attended a great event this past weekend. Accompanied by the proprietress of Grandpa’s Barn (our favorite independent book store) A&M attended the Heartland Fall Forum for independent book sellers in both the Midwest and Great Lakes areas. As a

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