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Thanks! Again.

“This is the first time I ever met a real author!” The excitement of the third-graders at Virginia Williamson Elementary School in Bolivia, North Carolina was evident as M.C. Tillson handed out 91 copies of her middle-grade chapter book, The

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Network Neutrality…at Last

High-speed internet service can now be defined as a utility says the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. With this ruling, high-speed internet service will be under the regulation of the F.C.C. (rather than broadcast and

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How Do YOU Learn?

Doodling and learning

Browsing the North Carolina Reading Association website the other day, I stopped to check out Lois Huffman’s post, “Watch and Learn More about Literacy,”where she shares six of her favorite TED talks. I love the talks she chose (and just

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So Far, So Good

My favorite post so far this year (granted, there aren’t that many yet) is by Eric Sim “What Education We Need in 2016” and points out the huge gap in today’s education system between what is taught and what still

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Just One More Book? Make Mine a Map

There are stacks and stacks of books at my house. You would think that I could stop buying (or otherwise acquiring) them, but no. Like the siren song that lured Ulysses, books call me, and I respond. Like the siren

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California Lighthouse Adventures