The Secret on Bald Head Island

Bald Head Island Cover

The Secret on Bald Head Island By M.C. Tillson
ISBN # 978-0-9764824-9-9
From A&M Writing and Publishing

My Favorite Things

Rain puzzles and puzzles reign
when friend and foe come round again.

Sam, Becky, and friends Troy, Andrew, and L.C. are doing their best to help the ghost of Stede Bonnet claim his “greatest treasure” before Blackbeard finds it.

Make sure you’ve read the whole
North Carolina Lighthouse Adventure trilogy.

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Michigan Lighthouse Adventure trilogy.

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The Muffin Project: How Are We Doing?

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Olimometer 2.52
Olimometer 2.52
“As AI grows in sophistication and application, we need, more than ever, a corresponding flourishing of religion, philosophy and the humanities.”

Ryan Holmes, Founder and CEO of Hootsuite, in his article, Artificial intelligence doesn’t have to be evil. We just have to teach it to be good.