Take Time to Read

Once you know how to read, it’s really impossible not to read.

Go ahead–try it! Look at a sign or a book or a website and try not to read the words. You can’t. (Maybe you can if you almost close your eyes and make everything blurry, but that doesn’t count.)


Now think how it would be if you couldn’t read at all. How it would be if–instead of reading everything–you could read nothing. When you look at a sign or a website, all you see are lines and squiggles.

Reading opens the world to people and provides opportunities that simply aren’t available to non-readers. That’s why it’s so important for everyone to have a chance to learn to read.

It’s easy to take reading for granted, but don’t. As you settle into your autumn routine with your new activities and new schedules, don’t forget to Take Time to Read (TTtR).

And if you can, do a little something extra to bring the gift of reading to someone in your community or in your world.

Celeste Tillson
A&M Writing and Publishing

P.S. I’m giving my little something extra to Ethiopia Reads–how about you?

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