Starting, Right?

I’m not a big believer in New Year resolutions—although for some reason, I do seem to make them every year. Exercise. Get more sleep. Spend quality time with my son. Whatever it is, I just need to start, right?

For the most part, I’ve been lucky enough in my life that those kinds of changes are all that’s needed to get me going in the new year. So really—why should I even bother with resolutions at all?

In hindsight, maybe what I’m craving is not so much a resolution as a reflection. And then some sort of adjustment. Maybe it’s an enhancement or a shift in direction, but I think the real answer is in the reflection rather in the specific action.

History repeats itself. And whether you’re talking about civilizations, the U.S. Congress, or a desire to eat better, if you don’t recognize (and reflect) on what’s gone before, then the actions you choose will most likely take you down the same road you’ve been down before. That’s fine—if that’s truly where you want to go.

So, after some reflection on where I am and where I want to be, I think my resolution for this year is to be more deliberate.

Wait…My resolution for this year is to be more deliberate. Starting right now.


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