Happy Birthday A&M

Twenty-five years ago, two sisters who got along reasonably well decided to give a name to their combined efforts at writing and publishing.

The sisters discussed potential names off and on for several days, but soon realized that this was 1) a tangent that was distracting them from their actual work and 2) something that could go on forever.

Very soon after that, the sisters decided to name their endeavor A&M Writing and Publishing feeling that it encapsulated both what they were doing at the time and what they wanted to do in the future.

Today, A&M continues to create both writing and publishing projects. As you might imagine, however, the types of writing and the scope of the publishing are continually changing and growing to accommodate the needs of A&M clients and the interests of the sisters.

Twenty-five years has seen many changes in the business world and in A&M. But in spite of–or perhaps because of–that change, it’s gratifying to see that A&M is thriving and finding a place as a proponent of compelling writing and quality publishing. We look forward to another 25.

[Originally posted as A&M home page on March 1, 2015]

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