Happy Holidays?

It’s hard sometimes to offer greetings of the season with any sort of sincerity. Who am I kidding? It’s hard most of the time.

Pick your own bit of news or situation that has you shaking your head. There’s plenty to go around. Can you honestly even think the words “Peace on Earth” without feeling a little sick to your stomach?

And yet—isn’t that the point?

Christmas is about hope, as are the many other celebrations of the season, including Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Day, Yule, Omisoka, and, for many Muslims, the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. Knowing that so many people around the world are adding their voices to the cause of hope and the prayer for peace is in and of itself a reason to celebrate.

Just purchased greeting cards of this “Bluebird in a Yaupon Holly Tree” by Jeanne Kay Juhos.

So, however and whatever you celebrate this season, do it with joy, do it with fervor, but most of all, do it with hope. And, please, when you encounter someone who is totally out of hope, do what you can to share what you have.

Wishing you a happy, healthy holiday season and hope for the new year!


Seasons Greetings and
Merry Christmas!


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