A Present for You!

(Spoiler Alert: It’s a Book!)

readinghollyEvery area of life is made better by the ability to read.

If you’re reading this, then someone, at some point, helped you learn how. Someone practiced with you, someone read to you, and someone gave you books to read. In this season of giving, see if you can return the favor. Give and support the gift of reading—we’ll even get you off to a good start.fullcicadamoon

This year, Christmas Day is also the day of the December full moon, so Full Cicada Moon by Marilyn Hilton is a perfect choice for holiday reading. We (and evidently lots of other people) think it’s the perfect holiday gift for anyone who has ever had a dream.

The Kirkus Review for Full Cicada Moon starts this way: “Perhaps a few books manage to capture tweendom’s chaos, but too few catch its poetry.” You’ll enjoy reading the full review.

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