Look Up!

This week I was reminded that I need to look up more–a lot more.

If I’d been looking up on Wednesday, I would have seen fireworks. I love fireworks. This is probably the first 4th of July ever that I didn’t see any. (To be fair, I was trying to convince Mercy that we were not under attack from mutant squirrels or something like that because, although we didn’t see any fireworks, we sure did hear a lot of them.) I like seeing fireworks more than I like hearing them, so I need to look up.

Clayton Fireworks
Fireworks in Clayton, NC

If I’d been looking up on Thursday, I might have noticed the time, and maybe I wouldn’t have been so late picking up dinner for my friends. If I’d been looking up on Friday, I might have wished my friend a Happy Birthday–on his actual birthday, not two days later.

Sometimes we get so involved in our own projects and schedules that we forget about the rest of the world. That’s not good. We should remember that we aren’t the only ones with crazy schedules and never-ending projects. We should remember that there’s a great big world out there and people we’d like to share it with. We should remember all of that, and when we do we should stop, take a deep breath, and look up.

Because when you look up…sometimes you see fireworks!

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