Do the Right Thing

There’s not just one way to do the right thing—it’s different for each of us. But we all know when someone does the right thing—and when they don’t.

I’ll give you a couple of examples.

  • The Right Thing: Holding the door for someone. Standing up to bullies. Reading to your kids. Talking respectfully about people you disagree with.
  • Not the Right Thing: Throwing trash out of your car onto the road. Pushing people aside to get ahead. Taking things that don’t belong to you. Telling lies.

It’s a tip-off that doing the right thing actually makes us feel good, while not doing the right thing makes us feel bad— about ourselves and about the people around us. If more of us would default to doing the right thing, we’d be better people, living in a better country, and making our way in a better world. A friend of mine puts it this way:

Go out into the world in peace and be of good courage. Hold fast to what is good. Return no one evil for evil. Support the weak; help the afflicted; honor all people.

Your actions speak louder than any words ever can. Do the right thing.

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