How Did You Celebrate National Ice Cream Day?

With much of the country in the throes of a national heat wave, I expect that celebrations of National Ice Cream Day (the third Sunday in July—which as it happens is National Ice Cream Month) were at an all-time high since the first celebration in 1984. I know that Maple View Farm near my home in Hillsborough was expecting a crowd of connoisseurs to celebrate under the cherry cow.

  • M.C. Tillson was unable to pass up the day without reminiscing about some of Dad’s favorite ice cream stops from her Lighthouse Adventure books.
  • As usual, Mercy’s blog got right to the point, letting visitors know her favorite flavor of ice cream.

And, in other news:

  • The timeliness of our Muffin Project is underscored by news from NPR that “states are ratcheting up reading expectations for third graders” in their efforts to demand a minimum level of reading proficiency. Nineteen states have adopted a mandatory retention policy for third graders who do not meet those levels.
  • And for folks who remember going out and looking up at the moon on a warm July night fifty years ago, it’s been a bittersweet weekend of contrasts for our country—between then, when we worked together to make anything possible and now, when we fight among ourselves to make everything impossible.

Happy Summer!

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