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The latest book from M.C.Tillson doesn’t have a thing to do with lighthouses!


It is, in fact, a rhyming picture book for all ages with delightful illustrations that are extremely…uh…colorable.

On sale now!

“As a kid, I loved coloring abstract designs,“ said children’s author M.C. Tillson. “I spent hours coloring the design books my Mom found or just making my own designs. (It’s easy—just squiggle for a while, and then color!) The other thing I loved to do was finding the hidden pictures in our monthly Highlights subscription. I had to be quick and circle them all before my brother got his hands on the latest issue. The illustrations in Ms. McNair’s Fantastic Hair remind me of those fun times. I worked very closely with my illustrator to make sure every page was ‘colorable’—and that way, no two readers ever have the exact same book!”

Join us next week for more of our interview with M.C. Tillson and the trials and tribulations of writing in rhyme. Click here for a sneak peek of Ms. McNair’s Fantastic Hair.

Ms. McNair’s Fantastic Hair is available from our retailers, from our distributors, and online at A&M Writing and Publishing and Amazon.

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