Look Toward Where You Want to Go

Look where you want to go.
Look toward where you want to go.

I am 100 percent guilty of trying to plan and fix everything—my life, your life, the national debt, global warming, healthcare.

You can see how this might be a problem.

I’ve tried over and over again (really too many times to count) to be “in the present” and stay “in the moment,” and I have never been what I’d consider successful at either. To be fair, it’s not that I can’t do it but rather I can’t figure out what to do after I do it. IMHO, it’s not very helpful, relaxing, or enlightening to artificially anchor yourself to the present when the future is banging at your door.

This article was billed as 3-minute read in the form of a winter-driving safety tip, but the thing that attracted me for that extra minute was how it also spoke to life and intentions in general. In addition to actually offering good driving information, the article seemed to offer me a way to bridge the gap between my planning/fixing tendencies and my desire to be more mindful. It makes sense to me that being mindful includes looking to where I want to go. Without that human quality, I’m no better than a book on the shelf or any other inanimate object that simply exists.

So, whether it works for anyone else or not, I’m going to be adding humanity to my recipe for mindfulness and enjoying the moment even as I look ahead to where I want to go.

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