Our Favorite Artist

"River Walk" by Lisa Tillson Bailey
“River Walk” by Lisa Tillson Bailey

Lisa Tillson Bailey has been part of A&M Writing and Publishing since it started almost 25 years ago.

We’re excited to show you an interview with the artist and some of her latest work in this video from her show that’s now at The Clayton Center in Clayton, NC. The show is sponsored by Clayton Visual Arts. (They also have a nice article about Ms. Bailey on their website.)

Cover art for "The Mystery at Oak Island"
Cover art for “The Mystery at Oak Island”

Of course, you might know Ms. Bailey better as the illustrator who creates the amazing cover art and brings the pictures to M.C. Tillson’s Lighthouse Adventure books.

Recently, she and Ms. Tillson have co-authored a set of activity books to go with the Lighthouse Adventure books. (See below to order yours.)

Congratulations, Lisa! The Moose at Copper Harbor




Now It’s a Puzzle!

Copper Harbor Puzzle Book image
It’s a Puzzle!

Even if you’re not familiar with Sam and Becky (and their nutty, lighthouse book-writing parents), you’ll enjoy this new puzzle book from A&M.

From crossword puzzles to mazes and from Sudoku to word searches, it’s fun from the very first page. And, if you are a fan of the Michigan Lighthouse Adventures, you’ll find familiar words and friendly characters waiting for you.

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