Parsley Potatoes

Potatoes (use small red, white, purple, or fingerling potatoes or cut up red potatoes)
Dried parsley

  1. Scrub and cut out eyes on potatoes. Cut into bite-size pieces if necessary.
  2. Cover potatoes in pan with water. Cover with lid.
  3. Boil at medium-high heat until you can easily insert a fork. (Do not overcook or potatoes will fall apart.)
  4. Drain water from potatoes but leave in pan. Turn heat off, but put pan back on burner to help melt butter.
  5. Add butter. (Start with ½ stick to start—add more if you want it.)
  6. Shake pan (with lid on) until all potatoes are covered with butter. Add salt, pepper, and parsley. Shake pan again to cover potatoes.