Season’s Greetings from A&M

Assuming that I can get everything done that I need to do, I’m going home to North Carolina for Christmas.

Who am I kidding? Even if I end up leaving some things undone,
I’ll be home for Christmas.

By now, I’ve lived in California almost twice as long as I lived in North Carolina, but I will always think of North Carolina as “home.” It’s no coincidence that much of my family is in North Carolina (spread out all over the state) or in states close by. It’s no coincidence that North Carolina is where we all gather when we gather. For me—and now for my son—North Carolina is simply the place where you do Christmas.

There are so many memories and traditions that have attached themselves to Christmas that I sometimes think I won’t be able to live up to my own expectations. However, everything seems to work itself out somehow. The people that matter connect–by phone if necessary–and the traditions that matter continue. And everything else is gravy…really, really good gravy.

So, no matter how you celebrate during the winter holiday season, be sure to take a minute from all your busy-ness to enjoy the season and to let people know that you appreciate them. Customers, vendors, colleagues, friends, and family—all are part of your life and all should be part of your celebration.

Merry Christmas, and a very happy and healthy 2020 to you all!


P.S. We have exciting plans for the new year at A&M!