What Are YOU Reading?

Favorite Kids Books
Books I like to read…to kids!

I’m resolved to read more this year.
Don’t get me wrong—I read a lot. After all, my business is reading (and writing and publishing). But reading is one of those “horizontal” skills that transcends all areas. If you can’t (or don’t) read, you’re at a distinct disadvantage. What you read is important (garbage in garbage out—enough said), but that you read is even more important.

This year I’d like to try some new things in reading—new content, certainly, but also new sources, new methods, and new reasons to read. In fact, my first new book purchase of the year is The Kindness Diaries by Leon Logothetis. I heard an interview he did and I like his approach to things. And even if I end up not liking the book, I will have a learned something—about Leon, about the world, and about myself. What more can you ask for?

Take Time to Read

Be sure to take time to read this year and—if you can—
help someone else read too!