Happy Lighthouse Day, Summer Vacations & More!

The Oak Island Lighthouse in North Carolina
The Oak Island Lighthouse in North Carolina

Lighthouses always make me think of going to the beach with my family on summer vacation, so I join with many others in celebrating the hardworking, ever popular, and often mysterious history of lighthouses on this National Lighthouse Day. If you go to M.C. Tillson’s blog, you’ll see that she has highlighted some of her favorite sentries of the land and sea.

In addition, you might be interested in this:

  • The golden anniversary of Woodstock this month, celebrating three days of peace and music. PBS is airing Barak Goodman’s documentary about the epic 1969 music festival that personified the 60s—good and bad—for an entire generation.
  • And fingers crossed that it’s a generation that has also learned how to Teach Your Children to distinguish between fact and fake news. As Eleanor Beardsley of NPR News in Le Touquet, France reports, “President Emmanuel Macron has proposed enacting a law to fight fake news during French elections. Huchon says that won’t work. He says the only way to win is to teach young people how to think critically.

We seem to have our work cut out for us.