Writing Samples for Celeste Tillson

Writing samples for Celeste Tillson



Samples from several of my contract jobs over the last few years. Just a few notes about t

Oracle is an ongoing client for which I’ve done everything from eBooks to product briefs to articles/blogs to full-blown brochures and white papers.
Castlight had several seminars they needed to populate, so I provided demand generation content for emails, landing pages, blogs, web pages, and so on for several campaigns.
Pramata and Anaplan are clients that I helped out (approx 6-8 months each) while they figured out what kind of person they needed to hire. Some of the samples are rough, but I included them to show some variety in tone.

Oracle “Social Selling” sales brief

Oracle engineering systems ebook

Oracle hardware overview brochure

Oracle Internet of Things Executive Paper

Oracle HR Workbook content

Oracle Business Brief for HCM

Oracle Article for Social Networking


Series of emails for Castlight Webinar

Text for Castlight’s online assessment of Behavioral Health Readiness


Blog announcing Anaplan’s inclusion in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant (draft)

“Bad Dates” Series blog for Pramata’s updated product (first draft)

“Seems Easy” Series blog for Pramata’s updated product (first draft)

Anaplan Sales Webinar Pre-event blog (draft)